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How we started

It was hard to Fathom…

…how to safely and accurately measure flood flows, turbulent flows in steep boulder fields, and flows over a wide range quickly. There is an effective way: it’s called Salt Dilution. Salt Dilution methods today can be time-consuming, tedious and dangerous!  Plus, how do we validate the flow measurement? How do we collect flows at a target level? How do we build a rating curve quickly and cost effectively? From these myriad challenges sprang forth our Fathom solutions. Along with our suite of flow devices, we have developed an online tool, WIT HM, to process and manage your Salt Dilution measurements gathered via our QiQuac or AutoSalt setups. It also features compound hydraulically-based rating curve development tools, oh my!

The Good Ship Fathom’s Crew

Fathom Scientific is a group of professionals combining our unique perspectives and skills toward creating better tools for environmental monitoring. Which is true, but a bit boring. Like many of you, we have a rich, secret inner life, governed by magical forces that operate in the border between the known and unknown, between synapses. This is the scientific and epistemological borderland that we roam in. In this borderland, we can be whomever we wish.

This is us, this is our fake story. These fake stories are all of our fake stories. We’ve earned these fictional biographies and we live them everyday. Every…fake…day.


Gabe Sentlinger

Director / Accidentally Locked Himself in the Bathroom (ALHB)

Autosaltqq Resonance

John Fraser

Moral Authority, Pre-Cog

Adamvalair Colour

Adam Valair

GIS & Web App Guru / Hot Sauce Aficionado / Fallen and Can’t Get Up (FCGU)


Zach Anderson

Lead Instrumentation Engineer / Cyberpunk Padwan

Photo of Curtis Luu

Curtis Luu

Production Lead / chief Water Bailer Crew

Profile photo of Fenella Jacquet

Fenella Jacquet

Graphic Designer / Spin Doctor / Funk Master

What we do in our spare time

Life of a Fathomlander

When we aren’t assembling clock-work ducks, composing code, or trying on our own merchandise, we are busy being creative, artistic, flawed creatures. If you’d like to take a sneak peak into the life of a Fathomlander, or delve deeper into our Fathomlander consciousness, might we suggest you start with reading about our extra-curricular hydrology-related activities on the Soundings blog, or (for real insiders) the musings and rambling of our Resonance blog. We are also developing an Alternative Reality game called Fathomland. It’s pretty cool, you should check it out.

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