Profile photo of Fenella Jacquet

Fenella Jacquet
B.Sc.NRC, G.C.Graphic Design

Graphic Designer / Spin Doctor / Funk Master


Our top field operative in the War Propaganda and Poetry Department since the first Battle of Lethbridge, Fenella has been instrumental in building Fathom’s brand. Conjuring cunning copy, titillating titles, and imaginative …  imagery, she’s been able to interpret the Directors opium induced ramblings into coherent and engaging literature for consumption by the masses.

Fenella has been a graphic designer since graduating from BCIT in 2012. After working in-house for several years, she made the decision to go freelance. Shortly thereafter she met Gabe and decided to help the poor unfortunate soul. Luckily for her, discovering Fathomland and all its wonders turned out to be quite an enjoyable journey after all.

The rest of the crew


Gabe Sentlinger

Director / Accidentally Locked Himself in the Bathroom (ALHB)

Hpim1548 E1431727571248

John Fraser

Moral Authority, Pre-Cog

Adamvalair Colour

Adam Valair

GIS & Web App Guru / Hot Sauce Aficionado / Fallen and Can’t Get Up (FCGU)


Zach Anderson

Lead Instrumentation Engineer / Cyberpunk Padawan

Photo of Curtis Luu

Curtis Luu

Production Lead / chief Water Bailer Crew

Profile photo of Fenella Jacquet

Fenella Jacquet

Graphic Designer / Spin Doctor / Funk Master

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