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Chuck those waders in storage, you won’t be needing ‘em anymore. End the misery of lugging giant salt bags into the back of beyond. Say adios to manual data syncing (if you want to). Fathom has these solutions and more — it’s time to measure the perfect flow, by upgrading yours. Your workflow that is. Let us show you how.

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We are currently working on our WIT (Watershed Information Tool) to automatically delineate watersheds, generate hydrographs, and return-period statistics for ungauged basins. If you think any of these tools would be useful to implement in your watershed, become a beta tester!

Auto Salt
Auto Salt
If you are trying to achieve compliance or baseline completion, use Fathom’s Autosalt system to collect discharge measurements quickly, safely and efficiently.
T-HRECS (Temperature – High Resolution Electrical Conductivity Serial device) measures Temperature Compensated Electrical Conductivity (EC.T). Pairs nicely with Fathom’s QiQuac and/or AutoSalt system, or let them roam on their own.
Used for relaying radio signals over hill and through the woods, the T-Ekho can facilitate communication between your devices.
The T-HRECS DL can record EC.T & Temperature for months to years at a high temporal resolution (i.e. 5s). It can send data to the AutoSalt via LoRa wireless network.
Fathom Resonance
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Radio / RS232
T-HRECS Radio / RS232
These two T-HRECS come with Fathom’s QiQuac device. RS232 is tethered and powered by the QiQuac while Radio can transmit across rivers to ensure complete mixing.
Use the QiQuac to make measurements of Q in realtime for
  • Compliance
  • Stewardship
  • Baseline
  • Resource Assessment
QiQuac also provides graphical feedback of measurements as a standalone device.
SDI-12 / 4to20
T-HRECS SDI-12 / 4to20
Use T-HRECS SDI-12 or 4to20 with any datalogger + our Water Quality Mixing Model (WQMM) to monitor flow continuously from controlled structures.
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Fathom Quotes

I can’t physically be…everywhere, all the time. As much as I like to think of myself as a professional storm chaser, I often miss those golden opportunities to capture flow measurements along important segments of my stage-discharge relationship because rain events happen too quickly, or worse, they happen overnight…With the AutoSalt installed at a station I can capture discharge measurements without being on site.

Lyssa Maurer

Expert Hydrometric Technologist for National Hydrological Services – Environment and Climate Change Canada
Fathom Quotes

Over the past year I have come to depend on the QiQuac for all my field trip visits. It’s accuracy, durability and compact design make it my number one tool when working on the river. Since my introduction to the QiQuac I have performed over 150 flow measurements, I rely on the quick and convenient results which allow me to leave the field with confidence in my data collected. It has become my silver bullet in the hunt for accurate spot flows measurements!

Dan Valliquette

Fathom Quotes

I used to be employed taking salt dilution measurements, I enjoyed the job, I got outside in the sunshine, I felt healthy and I spread my joy to others. Then my employer bought an AutoSalt from Fathom Scientific…it worked so well I was put out of a job! Now I work at Lidl at the checkout, selling salt to my former employer! I will get you, someday, Fathom Scientific for replacing me with your excellent produc – This script has been cut short due to profanity.

Michael Tarantik

Disgruntled Former Hydrometrician/Disgruntled Current Lidl Cashier
Fathom Quotes

Without an automated measurement system, we have difficulty in catching very high points on a flooding river, due to travel time required to get to the site and, more importantly, safety issues related to traveling in landslide prone terrain…We found the performance of these AutoSalt systems exceeded our expectations. 

BC Gov’t Hydrologist
Fathom Quotes

We’ve embraced the QiQuac as our go to tool for measuring streamflows.

Derek Brzoza

Top Hydrologist – BluEarth Renewables
Fathom Quotes

We’ve been using the QiQuac for around 2 years now and have been getting great results. Knowing that two sensors in different locations are producing the same discharge estimate is extremely helpful. The sensor sensitivity is also helpful to limit the amount of salt required for higher flows. The display and processing is straightforward and intuitive.

Dave West 

EcoFish Research
Fathom Quotes

The QiQuac has proven to be a highly effective tool to accurately stream discharge using salt dilution methods. After using the QiQuac in the field for a few years, the process has become very efficient. The old days of setting up two independent conductivity loggers and reviewing the data after downloading the instrument post measurement are behind us. The built in tools for assessing the accuracy of the salt trials and estimating discharge in real time are invaluable. Furthermore, the Salt Portal is an excellent web tool to allow for efficient post-processing of dilution measurements. The data is stored in a well organized web-based platform that allows for easy extraction and re-processing of historical data. In addition, the technical support provided by Gabe and his team is invaluable.

Harlan Wright

EcoFish Research
Fathom Quotes

The QiQuac has provided us with reliable and consistent results and has made our work much more efficient.  The ability to see the flow measurement value as well as the uncertainty in real time is invaluable.  In addition, the data and technical support from Fathom has been outstanding.

Ryan Hanson

Elemental Energy
Fathom Quotes

The QQ is the ideal solution for high alpine streams with difficult access: it is portable, rugged, cost effective, and accurate at low flow. Also Fathom is prompt and responsive with advice and customer service. We are satisfied with the system and look forward to testing the AutoSalt.

Eric Courtin

University of Saskatchewan – Global Water Futures
Fathom Quotes

The QiQuac has greatly simplified the process of measuring discharge with the dilution gauging method. Instead of doing two separate salt slugs at different measurement and/or injection points you can do one and measure it at two locations simultaneously. You can see if you have good mixing in real time and know the discharge. The provided post processing provides uncertainty estimates which will allow seamless integration of salt dilution measurements into our data stream.

Anthony Bier

Yukon Department of Environment
Fathom Quotes

Satoyama Energy Co. has been successfully using QiQuac for measuring discharge using its salt dilution method. The discharge estimates have been helpful in establishing our hydro-power potential sites. We have been using QiQuac for about three years, under the helpful guidance of Gabe Sentlinger and we are glad to continue using it in the future.

Hitoshi Maeda

Satoyama Energy Co.
Fathom Quotes

The QiQuac is a lightweight, portable, and easy to use instrument designed to minimize and quantify errors, and quickly catch potential problems while in the field.

Ted Lewis

Hatfield Consultants
Fathom Quotes

The QiQuac is a fantastic compact unit that can be deployed on a wide variety of streams. The QiQuac is a quick and convenient flow measurement tool that provides accurate and reliable results. The supporting Salt Portal web application makes data processing simple and efficient. Fathom Scientific also provides customer support that is second to none. To top it all off, the unit even comes complete with a little bit of personality – QUAC!

Shayne Kuchma, B.I.T., A.Ag.,  Environmental Consultant

Urban Systems
Fathom Quotes

QiQuacs are a really durable and reliable small kit that give the field hydrologist a fine alternative tool to use if the conditions are better for salt than other measurement techniques. Given all this it’s a good idea to bring it on during every field trip.

Captain Mikael Lennermark, Tank Commander and Hydrometrician

SMHI, Sweden
Fathom Quotes

I’ve been using the QiQuac quite regularly the last few years and think it’s a great little piece of equipment. Well done!

Kyle Terry

Fathom Quotes

The QiQuac is taking our community-based water monitoring program to the next level. It has increased our level of accuracy and given us more confidence in our measurements. The salt portal makes data processing quick and easy and provides the QA/QC to ensure our data meets the stringent standards of researchers and government data users. The QiQuac empowers us to provide communities with the data they need to plan for a safe and sustainable future. Thanks a Gazillion Fathom!

Paul Saso

Hydrologist – Kootenay Watershed Science
Fathom Quotes

The QiQuac units are a compact piece of hydrometric kit. The devices are easy and efficient to use, which we have found to be particularly suited to formerly challenging streams in both urban and backcountry environments, as well as municipal pipes and channels throughout New Zealand. It’s another layer to add to your hydrology tool kit, which we have found fills a gap where previously hard to gauge small, rough channels, have become easy!

Ryan Evison

NIWA Wellington, NZ

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