Beach Arrival By Carlos Vela Martinez 02 Small

Alpha (Fe)male Science Fiction Arts Club

Cover Image: Beach Arrival by Carlos Vela-Martinez Conk! Conk! Conk! “Pheruuuuuuuuggaaa!”  Greetings all ye Sci-fi fans!  Gather with me down here on the beach.  That’s right, don’t be afraid.  I simply put copper wire in the fire to make it…

The Sand Pit By Carlos Vela Martinez 1a

Fathomland: The Next Wave: Part 2

Cover Image: The Sand Pit by Carlos Vela-Martinez   Part 2: The Mountain Chair Cast (in order of appearance) Stephan Schröder: Private Schröder aka Funk PreacherGabriele Chiogna: Professor ChiognaMarkus Disse: The Mountain Hydrology ChairNoah Carson: Frightened Inmate # 842Gabe Sentlinger:…

A Very Dramatic Situation By Carlos Vela Martinez 1b

Fathomland: The Next Wave: Part 1

Cover Image: A Very Dramatic Situation by Carlos Vela-Martinez Cast (in order of appearance) Jack Love: Mysterious Traveler Paul Kim: “Paul” Andre Amaral: “Andre” Reneil, Philip, and Curtis: “Themselves” Michael Tarantik: “Michi” Florentin Hofmeister: “Florentin” Sebastian Wimmer: Captain of Mountain…

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