Well, it’s that time of year again. As the Earth swings around our big ol’ fashion fusion furnace to where we were 365.24 days ago, we are forced to reflect on the year that was, and what will become of…

Flow Regatta 2022

The Blackest Light

Deep in the heart of the Lost Mountains of Brzoza (pronounced Bruh-Zo-Za) is a magical valley, the valley of Kan-moor, where the mighty Bow River meets the Spray, where the strata of the mountains expose the earth’s chapters like a…

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In Other Worlds

Krokbräcke Mountain/Kina Abyss As our tank rumbled through the gently rolling Swedish countryside, the hills opened into a welcoming valley. There was a palpable sense of anticipation, expectation, and possibility. The red houses dotted the rural landscape, punctuated by the…

Beach Arrival By Carlos Vela Martinez 02 Small

Alpha (Fe)male Science Fiction Arts Club

Cover Image: Beach Arrival by Carlos Vela-Martinez Conk! Conk! Conk! “Pheruuuuuuuuggaaa!”  Greetings all ye Sci-fi fans!  Gather with me down here on the beach.  That’s right, don’t be afraid.  I simply put copper wire in the fire to make it…

The Sand Pit By Carlos Vela Martinez 1a

Fathomland: The Next Wave: Part 2

Cover Image: The Sand Pit by Carlos Vela-Martinez   Part 2: The Mountain Chair Cast (in order of appearance) Stephan Schröder: Private Schröder aka Funk PreacherGabriele Chiogna: Professor ChiognaMarkus Disse: The Mountain Hydrology ChairNoah Carson: Frightened Inmate # 842Gabe Sentlinger:…

A Very Dramatic Situation By Carlos Vela Martinez 1b

Fathomland: The Next Wave: Part 1

Cover Image: A Very Dramatic Situation by Carlos Vela-Martinez Cast (in order of appearance) Jack Love: Mysterious Traveler Paul Kim: “Paul” Andre Amaral: “Andre” Reneil, Philip, and Curtis: “Themselves” Michael Tarantik: “Michi” Florentin Hofmeister: “Florentin” Sebastian Wimmer: Captain of Mountain…

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