Gabe Sentlinger
B.Sc., M.A.Sc., P.Eng.

Physics/Environmental Fluid Mechanics
Director / Accidentally Locked Himself in the Bathroom (ALHB)


Our fearless/reckless leader. After 17 years as an officer in the Salt Wars he rose to the Admiralty of this good ship. With the mysterious disappearance of more credible leadership, followed by a bungled coup, he accidentally earned the title of Director of Fathom Scientific. During Taco-Tuesday speeches, he pompously claims to be the driving force behind Fathom’s progress. His critics point out that it’s just gravity that drives Fathom forward (downward) and that the Director is just added weight (more each year they whisper), to which Admiral Sentlinger flies into a rage and orders that rations be halved, again.

Gabe has worked in the field of Hydrology for 17 years with a focus on small hydro-power applications. Gabe’s skills include hydrological modeling and regression analysis, remote sensing, GIS analysis, novel hydrometric instrumentation, and power/energy simulation and optimization. He’s been involved in over 100 small hydro projects and is the principal hydrologist on several large projects (>150MW) in BC.

The rest of the crew


Gabe Sentlinger

Director / Accidentally Locked Himself in the Bathroom (ALHB)

Hpim1548 E1431727571248

John Fraser

Moral Authority, Pre-Cog

Adamvalair Colour

Adam Valair

GIS & Web App Guru / Hot Sauce Aficionado / Fallen and Can’t Get Up (FCGU)


Zach Anderson

Lead Instrumentation Engineer / Cyberpunk Padawan

Photo of Curtis Luu

Curtis Luu

Production Lead / chief Water Bailer Crew

Profile photo of Fenella Jacquet

Fenella Jacquet

Graphic Designer / Spin Doctor / Funk Master

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