The Watershed Information Tool

Fathom’s WIT is a new online hydrometric management tool currently under development. We’ve crafted two integrated suites of hydrometric tools, working in symbiosis, to offer you a powerful, friendly, (and fun!) way to manage your hydrometric data. They are: WIT-HydroMetric (WIT-HM) and WIT-HydrologicalAnalysis (WIT-HA). Powered by the WIT-Kronos Time Series (WIT-KTS) and WIT-GIS engines, we’ve sautéd these tools into a satisfying webportal meal, so your data is available anytime, anywhere (…there is internet). You can download your sites and Rating Curves (RC) onto your mobile device for field collection, and have confidence that your data is Quality Assured and Quality Controlled (QA/QC) before leaving the site. With the Kronos Time Series (KTS) and WIT-GIS engines you can manage your discrete site visit measurements, your continuous time series, and put the reduced data (like hydrographs) into regional context. Not sure you’re ready for the full-meal deal? Try out our collection of WIT tools via our three licensing levels: Salt Portal (free with QQ or AQ purchase), WIT-Pro and WIT-Pro +.

Reasons to love our WIT

Save your Time

Data Wrangling from multiple sensors, different vendors, unusual technicians, and odd sites makes for costly and problematic data management. In the best case, these problems lead to data gaps and non-compliance; in the worst case, they can lead to permitting delays. A day of lost production at a hydropower station or at a mine, can mean 10’s of $1000’s of dollars wasted. On the other hand, data properly managed, with built in QA/QC, Compliance Reporting, and Standards Grading can quicken the permitting process, expedite your annual reporting, and alleviate your headaches.
Save your Coins

We don’t need a third Range Rover, the vacation home in Maui can wait! We want to help you, the struggling hydropower developer, the hapless VP Environment of the underdog Gold mine, and the lonely, lonely consultant. To that end, we are basically running a charity. We are relying on volume and shared success to fund further development of our shared WIT. The more sites you run, the more you pay. An initial costs get you up and running at a fraction (about 80%) of the costs of conventional data management tools. And get this: you can have your annual subscription reduced by contributing to our open source interface! Need a function? Fork it! Have an idea for a tool? Fork that too!

Let our WIT do the hard work for you.

Three licensing levels, Salt Portal, WIT-Pro, and WIT-Pro+ offer you a range of capabilities to suit your taste, and our powerful, goddess like graphic designers have crafted this multi-dimensional offering into a tasty Bento Box pictogram.

Wit Diagram Placeholder

WIT is designed to allow rapid post-processing of Salt Dilution measurements, specifically from the QiQuac kit or the AutoQAc system, but will work with any SD measurement. QA/QC processes help the professional assign a Data Grade (A, B, or C) based on local standards.

Rating Curve development is done in an interactive fashion using least squares or Maximum Likelihood Hydraulically Based RC algorithm, taking into account measurement uncertainty as well as channel characteristics.

Regional regression methods between hydrometric stations will allow both QA/QC of the hydrometric series, as well as hind-casting of short term records to longer term synthetic series in an intuitive, rigorous, and accurate manner, with uncertainty estimates.

We intend to automatically generate editable reports of hydrometric and hydrological analysis, with regional estimates for comparison. Integration of HydroRecon analysis in future iterations will allow users to quickly assess hydropower potential with economic analysis.

WIT is currently in Beta development and we are looking for testers. Please contact us if you are interested. If you are already a user, please login.


WIT – HydroMetric (HM)

WIT-HM is your one stop boutique for storing, viewing, fanangaling, and QA/QC’ing your QQ, AQ, and T-HRECS data, along with stage, gauge level, checks, and benchmarks. Pairs nicely with WIT-GIS to find your stations, calculate drainage area and other Geo-Stats. Add a side of WIT-Field Vest to take notes in the field, record photos, measure flow with QQ Mobile or the QuickBucketTM volumetric flow aid and see where your points fall on the rating curve.

WIT – Hydrological Analysis (HA)

WIT-HA distills 4000 years of hydrological practice into 1 EZ to ŮZ interface. Regression analysis, regional expectations based on geo-stats and proximity, and even synthetic flow series based on the cutting edge Monthly Multiple Regression SimQ technique. WIT-GIS will tie in seamlessly to generate catchment stats such as average elevation, mean PRISM precip, glacier coverage, and more!

WIT – KronosTimeSeries (KTS)

Time is strange. In the moment, it appears to run smoothly, relentlessly, ruthlessly in one direction, the older direction; but in hindsight it’s punctuated by discrete events and touchstones, turning points, a flash of a smile, a phrase of music, and triumph or lesson learned.  Kronos Time Series is your companion through all of your hydrometric life events. Faithfully recording the flow of time, while carefully handling your cherished discrete events in the special way they deserve. Combined with place, imagery, and measurement, our aim is to encapsulate your site’s history into meaning, so you can spend your time creating your own memories.

KTS is a versatile data processing and visualization tool that supports flexible manipulation of continuous or discrete datasets to be used as inputs into various models.  Powered by D3.js and WebGL, hydrologists are capable of observing upwards of a million time-indexed data to forecast events. It integrates seamlessly with WIT-HM and WIT-HA using a shared PostgreSQL database optimized for rapid ingestion of large datasets.


Built on the ground-breaking WALLY algorithms developed in tandem with the Province of BC Ministry of Environment, WIT-GIS can estimate the catchment from any point (in BC for now) as well as estimate numerous hydrostats such as Mean Annual Discharge, Mean Monthly Discharge, 7Q10, 30Q5, and more!

WIT – Field Vest

Managing a hydrometric network can be challenging. Regular sites visit, data wrangling, photos, notes, and maintenance. WIT-Field Vest makes your life easier so that you don’t have to. Maintenance and service notes get entered by either the field tech, or the hydrologist and passed into the App-based Field Vest. Take geo-located photos, check staff gauge offsets, and more! All from your mobile device.


“That’s a nice package!” you will be heard saying when you see ours!

Salt Portal

The Salt Portal is part of every QiQuac and AutoSalt system, and helps manage salt dilution measurements, build a single rating curve, monitor AutoSalt time series data, Group, Grade, and Export your measurements.

WIT – Pro

A tier above WIT-Core, WIT-Pro contains critical components from Kronos Time Series to manage Gauge Level Checks, Stage Record, Q Record from any other measurement systems such as current metering, ADCP, or volumetric. Generate hydrographs based on multiple rating curves across time, grade entire hydrometric programs, generate hydrometric reports with a flick of wrist!

WIT – Pro+

This package includes regression analysis, WIT Field Vest, all WIT-GIS capabilities, and more! This package is intended to provide nearly automated reporting for your station, with Flow Duration Curves, comparison to Regional stations, and even generation of synthetic flow series.

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