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QiQuac Mobile

1.0 Introduction The QiQuac Mobile app is Fathom’s attempt to move from the stone tablets of yesteryear and into the world of machines that listen to us and control our thoughts. But you’ll find no such subterfuge in the QiQuac…

Resonance Galaxy

Fathom: Resonance

Hey Fathomlanders, how’s it going?  CoVid got you down? Need some pick-me up?  Well Fathom has just what the doctor ordered!  A full dose of  tech-talk and quasi-science-fiction. Quasi-Science-Fiction and Cultural Artefacts This just in! For those of you clambering…

Campfire Magic1@3x Nomoonnostars

Fathomland: A New Dawn

You’ve been travelling for days.  After escaping from the perils of King Nick’s Poetrysseum and following the softer moss north, you found yourself in the rarefied air of Grustland and the Great City of Oz.  In a fit of insp/despiration,…

Grustland Field Salt Portal

Enter Yon Salt Portal!

Cover Image: Fathomland by Fenella Jacquet + Gabe SentlingerFathom Scientific is committed to making your #SaltyLife even sweeter.  We’ve done this by creating the Watershed Information Tool (WIT), currently comprised of 5 online tools (Maki Rolls in Figure 0) in…

Leonard Short Pants

The Future of Hydrometrics

I have traveled to the future.  In the future, we will all drive on the left hand side of the road. Gangs of sheep and cattle will roam with impunity over bright green pastures.  The All-Blacks will not dominate international…

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