Well, it’s that time of year again. As the Earth swings around our big ol’ fashion fusion furnace to where we were 365.24 days ago, we are forced to reflect on the year that was, and what will become of…

Flow Regatta 2022

The Blackest Light

Deep in the heart of the Lost Mountains of Brzoza (pronounced Bruh-Zo-Za) is a magical valley, the valley of Kan-moor, where the mighty Bow River meets the Spray, where the strata of the mountains expose the earth’s chapters like a…


The Bubble's Edge

My Dearest Confidante, There are moments in life that define us.  At moments like that, or rather slightly after while sitting in the back of the RCMP cruiser, I like to reflect on some of Jack Handey’s wisdom: “If you’re…

Ducks repose

Kathmandu to Kelowna

“I just returned from Nepal!” I offered loudly to my colleague, Derek Brzoza, aprapos of nothing. “Boy, I’m really jet-lagged, but what a trip!” I complain-bragged.  Derek (shown in Figure 1) organized the Kelowna EFN Flow Regatta held at Mission…

Img 9088 Scaled

Rumble in the Rainforest

Every group of humans, since our ancestors roamed the African Savannah gathering nuts and berries, has had its rebels.  Social scientists call this deviance (Figure 1).  From Billy the Kid to Prince to Amelia Earhart, there are those individuals that…

Egu 2018 A51000px

Vienna EGU 2018 Flow Regatta

It’s official!  The Vienna EGU 2018 Flow Regatta is going ahead.  Here’s a link to the poster. Departure from AVC Center, Platz der Vereinten Nationen, close to underground station Kaisermühlen VIC at 8.30 AM.  Transportation will be provided. The channel…

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