Well, it’s that time of year again. As the Earth swings around our big ol’ fashion fusion furnace to where we were 365.24 days ago, we are forced to reflect on the year that was, and what will become of…

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Fathomland: A New Dawn

You’ve been travelling for days.  After escaping from the perils of King Nick’s Poetrysseum and following the softer moss north, you found yourself in the rarefied air of Grustland and the Great City of Oz.  In a fit of insp/despiration,…

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Enter Yon Field Portal

Tales from Fathomland Another glorious day in Fathomland! Birds are singing in the morning light.  Dew hangs on the oak leaves as you and your fellow travelers make your way through this distant corner of the map.  The sweet and…

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Enter Yon Salt Portal!

Cover Image: Fathomland by Fenella Jacquet + Gabe SentlingerFathom Scientific is committed to making your #SaltyLife even sweeter.  We’ve done this by creating the Watershed Information Tool (WIT), currently comprised of 5 online tools (Maki Rolls in Figure 0) in…

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