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Vienna EGU 2018 Flow Regatta

It’s official!  The Vienna EGU 2018 Flow Regatta is going ahead.  Here’s a link to the poster.
Departure from AVC Center, Platz der Vereinten Nationen, close to underground station Kaisermühlen
VIC at 8.30 AM.  Transportation will be provided.
The channel is 10-15 mins outside of the city in a rural area.  It is suited to wading, imaging, and tracer methods of measurement.  There is a hydrometric station nearby with an established rating curve.  Photos of the Liesingbach site are below.
Feel free to bring your own equipment to compete in the competition.  We hope to write up and publish the results and we need a large sample size!  It’s also an opportunity to refine and standardize our hydrometric methods, and learn new methods.
We intend to setup and measure using Radar and Optical imaging techniques, Salt and RWT Dilution, and wading.
A lunch will be served with beverages.  Prizes awards for the most accurate, and confident, measurements! Come and assert your dominance in the field of hydrometry! Win the Watercourse!


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