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“Strangely alluring.”

Doctor Ryan “Patrick” Glancy, Director of the Intercontinental Panel on Puppetry and Cryogenics (IPPC)

Wait, who are you? How did you get in here?

Wait…what? How did you find yourself here in The Opening! Don’t panic, dear friend, this is completely intentional. Just like Juan, sometimes you don’t know why you end up somewhere, but you “find yourself” there. You see, that’s a double entendre, not a pun. We discourage puns: this is a pun-free zone. The Opening is also, absolutely, 100% Pun-Free, Gluten-Free, and Organic. The actors were range-fed, hormone-free (Carlos pending testing), and free-range. No Industrial Trawlers were used in the creation of this tasty morsel of entertainment, No Fillers, and absolutely no Botox. It’s full of “good” fat, “healthy” cholesterol, and chock-a-block packed with “essential” protein. Need a tall drink to wash the pungency of the themes? Try a quick and refreshing spritzer of the Salamander series. It’s… it’s… hold up… tip of my tongue, it’s quintessential for memory function. Quintessential essentially means more than essential. You can view the entire Smorgasboard here.

Wait.. What are you on about? What is this assault to the senses! Where’s the nurse! Nurse!

Don’t panic dear friend, I’m here to help. Here, let me take that nurse calling button from you. Come now… let go… Leeetttt goooo! There, that’s better. Now then, as I was saying, The Opening is just the medicine you need! In this short Magical Realistic portrait of a man stuck in a well, we will learn how to shed those ol’ grudges and barnacles, allowing a smooth rite of passage. And remember, you can have a rite of passage at any age! Whether your 5, 50, or 56 (not beyond 56 sadly)! But don’t take my word for it, listen to these actual quotes from the show:


“No Man, I doubt I’m even Real,” Hobo Gabe played by Himself.

Image 1

“A Bidet! I’ve always wanted a Bidet!” Juan Alvarez played by Carlos Vela-Martinez

Image 5

“Shed the dead weight. They didn’t adapt… Buy BP Arctic Futures!” Erika played by Holly Collis Handford

Image 6

“No, I’m Alone.. I don’t need your help.” Older Juan played by Job Vela-Martinez

Image 8

“Time? I’ve given him enough time.” Lily played by Olesia Shewchuk

Image 9

“Is it a band for binding, or an Opening(TM) my son.” Maitea played Aries Ceta.

Wow! Those are fantastic! And here’s what viewers are saying:


Fathom Quotes



Chess Grandmaster and Nephew, Quesnel, B.C.
Fathom Quotes

I LOVE it!!! I think it is so on pointe!


Sister and Isla’s Executive Assistant
Fathom Quotes

The movie is great, could use more Rain To River product placement and I want my name on the screen longer as location scout and team cheerleader


CEO of Rain to River Hydrological Services and Friend
Fathom Quotes

More claymation and more monsters of “The ever ending story” type..


Derek’s Better Half and Christmas Partygoer
Fathom Quotes

I really love it! Now I get it- He chose to … storm drain and that’s when …little bunny climbing .. save himself.. good perso” (Redacted for brevit)


Friend and Uma Kaler Executive Helicopter Pilot
Fathom Quotes

Amazing Gabe! I want to *eat it over and over to figure out the little subtleties and it was all really well done. Just right!.” *see, but I like eat better


Nutritionist, Teacher, Mom, President of IAmLivingWellnes and Sister
Fathom Quotes

I was humbled by the noble postal service.

Pontiff Jon Jeffery

I.. don’t.. actually know who this or what he’s talking about.
Fathom Quotes

Thank you for inviting us and to tell the truth I would not mind being punished, but not too much,


Unrelated message. I guess we’re really scraping the bottom of the barrel now.
Fathom Quotes

I watched The Opening draft with my Grandpa and I really liked it.

Melina Burgener

Actress, Granddaughter of Paul
Fathom Quotes

You are obviously a total filmmaker at heart with an interesting and super creative vision, unique perspectives and a fun sense of humour – your film made me laugh. You also have admirable persistence and drive needed to see your film to the finish line!

Olesia Shewchuk

Filmmaker, Actress, Singer, Writer, Dancer, Composer. Quote used without permission.
Fathom Quotes

It was entertaining and I wanted more at the end!


The Good Cop half of The Cousin Crusaders and Nice Niece
Fathom Quotes

I like the girl in the background, ‘hoy-a!’. I like it! It’s funny!


The Mischievous Fox half of the Cousin Crusaders and Executive Producer, Niece
Fathom Quotes

I’ve seen The Opening and our people are in talks with the creative team at F+S+M to acquire the rights for a streaming serial version of the piece. It’s exactly on brand with what we hope to achieve at Lucasfilm.

Kathleen Kennedy

President of Lucasfilm, San Francisco
Fathom Quotes

It’s funny, the parallels between the standard model of the atom and The Opening. Here, we have a man seeking the truth in the darkness, just like we are doing in the farmland outside Geneva, Switzerland at the Large Hadron Collider.

Peter Higgs

Edinburgh, Scotland
Fathom Quotes

Yes, I’ve seen the Opening and think it’s an astute commentary on the 21st century zeitgeist. We have never suffered from so much independence. Free from birth to death of god, kingdom, and country, we are left with nothing but the church of self to console our darkest nights. God save us all.

King Charles III

King of England and Canada
Fathom Quotes

What Gabe Sentlinger has done with The Opening, is pure film sorcery. At one moment you’re literally in the depths of human despair, then next soaring above humanity as a winged rabbit. Stunning. I certainly have something to learn.

Steven J. Spielberg

Industrial Pipe Fitter, Terrace, B.C. (Unrelated to the director)
Fathom Quotes

The Opening? Sorry I’ve never heard of it. Excuse me.

Sir Anthony Hopkins

Welsh Actor and Knight

We are at that proverbial finish line, for this chapter in the Family Science + Magic series. Onto the next. Watch this space for further updates! What? Alright, fine, I’ll plug your heart monitor back in.

Well, I’ve taken enough of your time, I hope to see you at the premiere, so long! (smash, crash)



This project was made possible by a successful Kickstarter campaign which you can view here. This film was benefited from Olesia Shewchuk’s Film Workshop and produced in collaboration with Fathom Scientific using UBCPA performers.

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