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Postcards from the Edge

My Dearest Friend, 

It’s been so long since I’ve written, I apologise.  My life has been running amok and I’ve been unable to catch up.  Nothing like a good old fashioned letter to take a breath and gain some perspective.  It’s been ages since I’ve gotten out this dusty old typewriter.

I just returned from the old country, Zurich, visiting the cousins, Maxence, Beat and Salvador at PhoTrack.  Salvador was off on some adventure or another.  This time it was the Orient to install the Discharge Keeper.  Can you imagine! Of course Beat is his cold Swiss self, telling us, in the calmest of tones while staring through me with his piercing blue eyes, “I’m freaking out right now.”  Maxence, always the perfect gentleman, treated me to a wonderful cheese fondue and we sorted out all kinds of trouble while listening to Leonard Cohen and drinking Scotch.  Oh, you’ll love this: people will pay for the QiQuac NOT to quack!  What do you think?  It’s simply mad, isn’t it?

You’ll be quite pleased to know we’re planning another party by the lake this spring, May 30 at the Blue Lake Resort on Lake Huron.  I was going to send this postcard, but decided you deserved a bonafide letter to bring you up to date.  I hope to have the app sorted by then so I can show all the cousins how nifty it is.  I do hope you can attend.

Duck sales are booming and we’re flat out to meet orders.  You know how Cousin Derek has such a hard time saying “QiQuac”.  Well, we’ve come up with a solution for next year’s model: The Q2 , pronounced Q-two.  Rolls off the tongue, eh?  But I refuse to give up the quack.  Every duck should have a soul.

Oh! I almost forgot!  It’s finally here!  The RISC Salt Dilution SOP for Best Practice (BP) grading.  No more tiptoeing around the issue like Uncle Steve and the Biduk Bump, remember that in Victoria! Such a social deviant!

As usual, I’ve got a few movie suggestions: Bohemian Rhapsody, of course. A real fun one from NZ “Hunt for the Wilderpeople.”  Those kiwis have the same sense of humour as us.  And I highly recommend any music by Bahamas; I’ve worn a groove in my phonograph on that guy.

Have to dash, ducks to tend to, empires to build, bills to pay.  Hope to see you soon,

P.S. I thought you’d appreciate the beautiful graphic design of my partner in crime on the posters, Fenella Jacquet. Fenella is an artist trapped in a Graphic Designer’s body, fortunately for us. You may mistake her for her identical twin sister, but that’s where the similarities end. Fenella is a way better graphic designer. She is freelance with very reasonable rates. You should hire her. In fact, I’m going to hold a grudge if you don’t! Here, for your viewing pleasure, is the complete catalogue of Fathom-Jacquet posters.

The Fathom-Jacquet Exhibition

Transparent Postcards

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